Australia: A person of Indian origin created history in Australia, became the first Indian mayor

 Australia News: Sameer Pandey of Indian origin has created a new record in Australia. He has been elected by the City of Parramatta Council in Sydney, Australia as its Mayor. This is the first time a person of Indian origin has reached this position in Australia. 

Parramatta is an important city in New South Wales bordering Sydney. There is a sizeable number of people of Indian origin here. About 11.2 percent of the people in this city with a population of more than 2.5 lakh are of Indian origin. Labor councilor Samir Pandey was the deputy Lord Mayor till now and has been elected to the post vacated after former Mayor Donna Davis was elected to the Legislative Assembly. 

Sameer Pandey said about the new role 

Talking about his new role, Pandey expressed excitement. They said, "When I came to Australia, I never thought even in my wildest dreams that my journey would be till here. I am excited about my new role. I will try to live up to the expectations of the people." He also talked about PM Modi’s visit to Sydney. Pandey said, ‘Bilateral relations between the two countries continue to develop, I hope that under the leadership of PM Modi, the relations between India and Australia will move forward. I am humbled and excited about my role. I want to build a city that is sustainable, smart, inclusive and diverse.’

Who is Sameer Pandey?

Sameer Pandey, who arrived in Australia about twenty years ago, is an IT expert as well as an industrialist, who came to Australia as an engineer. He is a member of the Labor Party and has also contested the assembly elections, in which he was defeated by a very narrow margin. In 2017, he won the election of corporator for the first time and in 2022 he became corporator for the second time. In 2022 itself, Sameer was elected the deputy mayor of the council. Hailing from Bihar, India, Pandey is the father of two children. 

PM Modi also mentioned Sameer 

Prime Minister reached Australia tour Narendra Modi thanked the people for electing Sameer Pandey as mayor. PM Modi said, "I thank all of you for the election of Sameer Pandey of Indian origin as Mayor of the City of Parramatta Council in Sydney yesterday."  

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