Bolivia: In this country’s parliament, there was a fight, women MPs pulled each other’s hair, what was the dispute?

Bolivia Parliament Fight: On Wednesday (May 24) there was a big political uproar in Bolivia, a country in the continent of South America. There was a fierce fight between MPs in the Bolivian Parliament. Women MPs tore each other’s hair. This incident has come in the limelight of the international media.

According to the news agency AFP report, Bolivia’s ruling party minister Eduardo del Castillo was presenting a report on the arrest of the governor of the Santa Cruz region in December, when opposition leaders started shouting slogans in the parliament. Opposition leaders, especially women MPs started creating ruckus with banners. In response, the MPs of the ruling party also started creating hue and cry. The two sides clashed in the Parliament premises itself. 

After the arrest of the governor, this is how the controversy happened
Instantly, the MPs started kicking and punching. However, some MPs also intervened during this period, the video of which has surfaced. Here the opposition leaders also showed banners with the picture of Bolivian Minister Castillo. It was written on many banners – Minister of Terror. Means the minister of terror. Seeing such posters, the MPs of the ruling party got enraged and started tearing those banners on the spot.

Minister justified the arrest
Bolivian Minister Eduardo del Castillo said in Parliament on the arrest of Santa Cruz Region Governor and opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho that it is a legal action. At the same time, when the opposition MPs started creating ruckus, Castillo called them radical and violent. In this way the dispute went on increasing. After that something happened, which the people there would not have expected.

Which part of the earth is Bolivia in?
Bolivia is in the central region of South America between 57°26’–69°38’West and 9°38’–22°53’South is situated between. The area of ​​this country is 1,098,581 square kilometers (424,164 sq mi). In terms of area, it is the 28th largest country in the world and the 5th largest country in South America.

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