China: Chinese stand-up comedian had to make fun of the Chinese army, got this punishment

China News: A stand-up comedian in China found it costly to make fun of the country’s army. A Chinese comedian has been fined $2 million for insulting the military. Along with this, a joke of the comedian has created an uproar online. The beleaguered artiste has canceled all her shows. 

According to a CNN report, a Chinese stand-up comedian named Li Haoshi, during his show at Beijing’s Century Theater, jokingly mentioned the military slogan, after which the artist’s trouble increased. In no time, the talk of the Chinese comedian went viral on social media, which the police and officials took seriously and started taking action. After the joke of the comedian on social media, ruckus is going on. People are trolling the stand-up comedian fiercely. Also some people are standing in support of this artist. 

Comedian cancels all shows 

Bawal Badtah Dekh Lee has canceled all its shows. According to media reports, Li’s company Shanghai Xiaoguo Culture Media has apologized for his mistake. The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism announced on Wednesday that a subsidiary of the corporation would be fined US$1.91 million. 

Investigative journalist jailed

Beijing police has announced to start investigation against Li regarding this incident. Police say that Lee has gravely insulted the army during his show. This incident has also had a bad effect on the society. In such a situation, he may also have to eat the air of jail. Significantly, in 2021, China had passed a law prohibiting insult and defamation of the army. Earlier, an investigative journalist was sentenced to seven months in prison last year for questioning China’s role in the Korean War in a film. 

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