Crocodiles Attack Human: 40 crocodiles ate 72-year-old man, know how and where this dreadful incident happened

Cambodia Crocodiles News: A heart-wrenching incident took place in the South Asian country of Cambodia. Here about 40 crocodiles (Crocodiles) killed an elderly person by scratching them. His body was cut into pieces. The age of that person was 72 years. Officials told the media that he had gone to the farm to drive away a crocodile. 

According to Siem Reap commune police chief May Savry, the 72-year-old man was trying to get the crocodile out of a cage at the farm where the female crocodile had laid eggs. Seeing the old man, a crocodile attacked him and dragged him inside the enclosure. After that the whole group of crocodiles came there. In no time the crocodiles gnawed at his body and chewed away several organs.

Only a few parts of the old man were left in the enclosure
Only a few parts of the dead body of the old man were left there, which were later taken out of the concrete enclosure. Police said the enclosure where the crocodiles killed the elderly man was his family’s farm. 
According to news agency AFP, Cambodia’s Siem Reap commune police chief May Savari said, "When the old man was chasing the crocodile from the egg-laying cage, the crocodile attacked the old man’s stick, causing him to fall into the enclosure. After that other crocodiles who came there attacked him till he died."

Such an incident happened in 2019 as well
The police officer said that one hand of the old man was completely swallowed by the crocodile. Earlier, one such incident also happened in 2019, when a two-year-old girl was killed and eaten by crocodiles.

Siem Reap is that area of ​​Cambodia, where there are many farms for crocodiles, and crocodiles are reared there. They are kept there for the trade of their eggs, skin and meat as well as their babies.

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