Diwali 2023: Good news for Hindus… Diwali will be a government holiday in America, preparation to make law

Diwali Holiday in US: America, the country with the oldest democratic system in the world, can now have a government holiday on Diwali. Preparations are on to enact a law regarding this in the New York State Assembly. What effect the decision will have on the school calendar, is currently being discussed there.

New York Assembly Speaker Carl Hastie issued a statement on Wednesday (May 24) confirming the proposal to introduce a ‘public holiday on Diwali’. In the statement, he said that this is being done to recognize the rich and diverse culture of New York. He said, ‘This proposal can be approved before the end of the assembly session to give a holiday on Lunar New Year and Diwali in the New York Assembly.’

…then the 12th government holiday will be declared 
The session of the New York Assembly will continue till June 8. It is believed that by the end of the session, the proposal to make ‘government holiday on Diwali’ can be approved. According to media reports, the proposal has been named the Diwali Day Act, under which the Diwali holiday will be declared the 12th government holiday in New York.

Good news for millions of people of Indian origin
Declaration of Diwali as a government holiday in America will benefit millions of people of Indian origin living there. They will be able to celebrate the festival of Diwali well with their family and friends. Tell that more than 2 million Hindus live in America and the total number of people of Indian origin there is more than 3 million. 

America is the third largest country in population
America is the third largest country in the world in terms of population. The population there is more than 33 crores. Out of those 33 crore people, more than 20 crore people are Christians, while the number of Muslims is in lakhs. 

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