Ferris Wheel Guinness World Record: This person did such a thing that a common man can press his finger under his teeth, watch video

Ferris Wheel Guinness World Record: A man from Australia has created a Guinness World Record by rotating an entire Ferris Wheel with his hands in just 16 minutes 55 seconds. Troy Connelly-Magnusson, 39, from Sydney, did it at Luna Park to raise money for the charity Little Wings. This charity benefits seriously ill children and their families.

New record for rotating the Ferris wheel
Guinness World Records has also created a time-lapse video of Conley rotating the Ferris wheel, which has been shared on its official Twitter handle. He captioned the video that a new record has been set for rotating the Ferris wheel. The fastest time was set by Australia’s Troy Connelly-Magnusson in 16 minutes 55 seconds.

New record: Fastest time to rotate a Ferris wheel – 16 minutes 55 seconds by Troy Conley-Magnusson (Australia)

This Ferris wheel, at Luna Park in Sydney, is in the shadow of the Sydney Opera House and was entirely rotated by hand 🎡 pic.twitter.com/Y7u0du2Ga4

— Guinness World Records (@GWR) May 17, 2023

According to GWR, the Ferris wheel was put into freewheeling mode, in which the hydraulics and brakes are separated. In this the wheel is not operated in any way. Conley had to work single-handedly to turn it around. In this he had to use a lot of force.

Already recorded Guinness World Record
Conley informed GWR that this was one of the most difficult physical and mental challenges for me so far. I’ve done a lot of strength stuff over the years, but this was different from the rest. Never done such a thing before. It took me 100 percent strong mental balance to do this kind of work.

This is Conley’s fourth Guinness World Record. Earlier he has pulled cars with his teeth, pushed a heavy vehicle from a height of 100 feet and also pulled a light plane with his teeth for the fastest distance of 20 meters. 

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