Guyana Girls Hostel Fire: 14-year-old student burnt girls hostel, 19 were killed

Guyana Girls Hostel Fire: A fire broke out in a school girls’ hostel late on Sunday (May 21) in the South African country Guyana. 19 students had died in the accident. In this regard, the investigating officers have found a big evidence. He told that a 14-year-old fellow student living in the hostel had set the fire. The reason behind this also turned out to be mind boggling.

The accused student set the fire only because the school administration had confiscated her mobile phone. When the school administration came to know that the girl student was in love with an older man, they confiscated her mobile phone.

The accused student was also injured
Many others were injured in a fire that broke out in the closed girls’ hostel late Sunday night at Guyana’s Mahdia Secondary School. Guyana’s National Security Advisor Gerald Gouveia said that the suspected student is about 14 years old. She  threatened to set the girls hostel on fire after her phone was snatched.

Help accepted from America and other countries
After the fire at Guyana’s Mahdia Secondary School, help has been accepted from America and other countries. These countries have sent forensic experts to assist in DNA identification. National Security Advisor Gerald Gouveia said that world leaders are offering to help us at this time.

He was calling and messaging President Irfan Ali while he was on the ground in Madhiya. Apart from punishing the juvenile delinquent, the police will also take into custody the person with whom the girl student had a love affair.

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