Imran Khan Case: ‘If someone from PTI is involved in the violence…’, Imran Khan clarified amid the siege

Pakistan News: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) President Imran Khan addressed the media on Friday (May 19). Earlier, he had a meeting with a delegation of the Punjab government. At the same time, on Friday itself, the Punjab police of Pakistan has said that it has arrested 8 other terrorists while fleeing from Imran’s house. In such a situation, the problems of the PTI leader may increase. 

In his address the PTI chief said, "Now the officials have changed their stand. He says that there are wanted people in Zaman Park, not terrorists." He further said, ‘My  7,500 people have been snatched away. Our senior leadership was torn from us. All those who are still in PTI are wanted." 

‘PTI being crushed’ 

Imran Khan said during a conversation with reporters that he would give permission for the search operation at his residence only if the method suggested earlier to the Lahore High Court is adopted. At the same time, the officials say that all the members of the house will have to leave the house, then they will search the house. He further said that we will take up the matter in the court.  Imran Khan has asked for evidence about his party’s involvement in the May 9 violence, saying, "If anyone from PTI was involved then I will help in catching them but the intention of the government is to crush PTI." He said that there are videos of Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Yasmin Rashid where they are asking people to remain peaceful. 

Special appeal to journalists 

Imran Khan claims that the government has registered 150 cases against him so far. You cannot crush an ideology by beating people or putting them behind bars. In such a situation, Imran Khan kept his side and said that no political party can be destroyed in this way.

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