Imran Khan Case: ‘In an attempt to eliminate PTI…’, Imran Khan told how Pakistan reached

Pakistan News: Political turmoil continues in Pakistan. The government is engaged in laying siege to former Prime Minister Imran Khan. On the other hand, the PTI chief is making serious allegations against the government by presenting his explanation. Imran Khan has said in his latest statement that after crushing the neighboring country’s government and PTI, they are planning to hold elections. 

Speaking about the similar pattern of several former PTI leaders addressing press conferences, showing love for the army and resigning from the party,  Imran Khan said, “Are people fools? Will they not understand what is happening?" Imran Khan has further said that people in Pakistan are not on the streets because their hopes are pinned on the elections. he claimed that "People are sitting angrily at home thinking that they will teach them (Shahbaz Sharif government) a lesson when elections are held. 

‘People being forced to leave the party’

PTI chief Imran Khan while calling on the country and his party workers to show patience, said that people from PTI are being forced to leave the party, efforts are being made to eliminate it. He further said that do not destroy the country in an attempt to destroy PTI. Imran Khan further said that if we do not take steps now, this country will reach a point where no one will be able to do anything.

PTI chief further said that the time has come but these issues will be resolved only when all the institutions of the country and the largest federal party sit together and try to find solutions to the problems.

‘Bangladesh has also overtaken Pakistan’ 

He said, “I appeal that talks should be held immediately because what is being done is not a solution. I am explaining this because whenever I ask for talks, the police reach out." Imran Khan has said that Bangladesh has gone far ahead of Pakistan. The country needs to learn a lesson. Pakistan is heading towards destruction in the current environment. Giving the example of Sri Lanka, the PTI leader said that the situation in Sri Lanka was very serious, when the people there took to the streets, the world saw what happened. 

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