Imran Khan: ‘Imran Khan consumes cocaine and alcohol’, revealed in the medical report

Pakistan News: Pakistan’s Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel released the medical report of PTI Chief Imran Khan on Friday (May 26). During this, he made many revelations about Imran Khan. Citing the medical report, Abdul Qadir said that there was no fracture in his leg. His mental condition is also not good. 

Talking to media persons in Karachi, the Health Minister said, "According to the medical reports of Imran Khan, the use of cocaine and alcohol has been revealed in his urine sample." In fact, at the time of Imran’s arrest in the Al-Qadir Trust case itself, his sample was taken by the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences. Imran Khan had claimed that his leg was fractured during the deadly attack on 3 November.

What did Abdul Qadir say about Imran?

The health minister said that the medical report did not contain any details about the fracture in his leg. They said, "His (Imran Khan) leg was plastered for about five to six months, but there was no fracture in the medical report. The minister said that a urine sample of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief was also taken, which revealed the presence of toxic substances as well as excessive use of alcohol and cocaine." 

‘Imran agent or madman’

Abdul Qadir Patel further said, "After the detailed report comes, it will be sent to the police. Imran Khan what he is doing can only be done by an agent or a mad person." Patel said that a five-member panel of senior doctors is saying that his mental stability is doubtful. Speaking about the events of May 9, the minister said that he had not seen such a situation since 1971. We also had our differences but we stood by the army in difficult times.

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