Imran khan News: 6 more terrorists fleeing from Imran Khan’s house arrested, 8 caught a day before – Shahbaz government claims

Imran khan Zaman Park Terrorist Arrest: Pakistan’s Lahore City Police Officer (CCPO) Bilal Siddiqui Kamyana on Friday (May 19) claimed to have arrested six more terrorists fleeing from Zaman Park. After this, the total number of miscreants caught after the expiry of the given time limit became 14. 

The city’s police chief said four of them were named in the Askari Tower attack case, while the other two were involved in the vandalism at Jinnah House. Terrorist fleeing from Zaman Park arrested. 

24-hour ultimatum to hand over terrorists
The Punjab government on Wednesday (May 17) gave Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) 24 hours to hand over terrorists or face action was given time. However, the provincial authorities later decided to hold talks with PTI chief Imran Khan before launching the search operation.

Following the instructions of Punjab’s Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsim Naqvi, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Lahore Commissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa, in which it was decided to reach Zaman Park after Friday prayers for talks with PTI.

Cash award announced
Government team to discuss search operation at PTI chief Imran Khan’s Lahore residence with party representatives on Friday (May 19) afternoon, according to sources It will reach Zaman Park at about 2 pm.

Sources said that if both sides agree then search teams of 400 police personnel will go inside the house and search, as Punjab’s Interim Information Minister Amir Mir gave PTI 24 hours to hand over 30-40 terrorists hiding in Zaman Park , which expired a day ago.

In view of this, the road between Mall Road and Dharmapura in Lahore has been closed by the police, while all roads leading to Zaman Park have been closed. A cash reward has also been announced for those who identify the accused.

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