Imran Khan PTI: ‘Imran Khan now wants this…’, what did the President of Pakistan say to the former Prime Minister amid police siege at home?

Imran Khan Pakistan News: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan is once again facing the threat of arrest. Pakistani police say that terrorists were given shelter in Imran’s house and were not handed over to them despite warnings. Therefore, strict action can be taken against Imran as well. Meanwhile, Pakistan President Arif Alvi has given a suggestion to Imran Khan. 

Pakistani President said – Imran is not against COAS
According to Pakistani President, PTI chairman did not oppose Army COAS General Asim Munir. The PTI leadership, including party chairman Imran Khan, condemned the attacks, which damaged military properties at several places, including the Pakistan Army headquarters in Rawalpindi. After these attacks, the Pakistani government asked the court to investigate the incidents.

Imran Khan was suddenly arrested on May 9
Please inform that Imran Khan was suddenly arrested from the Islamabad High Court on the afternoon of May 9. Several hours later, Pakistan’s investigative agency NAB said in its statement that Khan has been arrested in the Al-Qadir Trust case. Following his arrest, violent protests broke out across Pakistan, forcing the government to detain thousands of PTI employees. However, when the situation got out of control, the Islamabad High Court Imran Khan granted bail till June 8 in the cases registered against him. 

‘May 9 will be known as a black chapter in history’
On the other hand, the Pakistan Army announced that May 9, 2023, the day after Khan’s arrest, Turmoil erupts, PTI supporters attack army installations, a first in history "dark chapters" Will be remembered as Pakistan Army Chief General Asim Munir said that on May 9 "planned and tragic events"the day military installations were attacked will never be relaxed to repeat again. 

‘Will not allow anyone to insult martyrs’
Army Chief Asim Munir said during his visit to Sialkot garrison, "No one will be allowed to disrespect our martyrs and their memorials. They are a source of inspiration and pride for the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, government officials and ranks of officials and the people of Pakistan."

Government gives PTI 24-hour ultimatum 
Munir assures that "May 9 Black Day" But all those responsible for bringing shame to the country will definitely be brought to justice. Earlier on Wednesday, the interim government of Punjab had given a 24-hour ultimatum to PTI to hand over the ‘terrorists’ who attacked army installations after Khan’s arrest. 

’30 to 40 terrorists present in Zaman Park’
Punjab’s Acting Information Minister Aamir Mir said, "There are 30 to 40 terrorists who attacked army establishments including Jinnah House in Zaman Park." The Punjab minister said that the agencies will be able to enter Zaman Park through geo-fencing. "terrorists" were able to confirm the presence of. 

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