Imran Khan Vs Pakistan Army: When the army surrounded the house, Imran said – ‘All the fundamental rights are over in PAK, listen till the last ball…’

Imran Khan Pakistan News: The police-force has surrounded the house of former Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan. Punjab Police has sent 400 jawans to search Imran’s house located in Zaman Park in Lahore. It is alleged that Imran has given shelter to terrorists in the house. Imran has been warned to hand over the terrorists hiding here to the police, otherwise a military operation can be done.

Pakistan’s government and army’s attitude Imran Khan and the leaders of his party PTI are scared. They are afraid that they too can be targeted on the pretext of house search. In such a situation, Imran is not coming out of the house now. He is giving messages to his supporters only through his Twitter and YouTube accounts. Yesterday, while addressing the Pakistani people, Imran targeted the Shahbaz government and the Pakistan Army. 

‘Catching people and putting them in jail’
Imran said- "The dreadful conditions that are prevailing in our country today were like never before. They (Shahbaz government) are arresting people and putting them in jails. Dragging women by their hair. They are firing bullets, they are entering our house. Tell me, has this happened before in Pakistan?"

Imran said- ‘This did not happen even during Musharraf’s time. We haven’t seen such a crackdown in the last 35 years… It seems that all the fundamental rights have ended, no one is safe in the country now. Pick anyone whenever you want.. But listen, I am Captain Khan who will fight till the last ball and will fight till the last ball.’

‘I am the one who has had 2 murderous attacks’
Imran further said, "I want to tell PTI workers to get up! The community will always remember you. We know the kind of pressure you are under. But no one should be under the misconception that due to this pressure, we will back down." Referring to the attack on him, Imran said – I will not be afraid of dying. I am the one on whom there have been 2 murderous attacks. Pakistani people know this. 

Imran said, "Those who are standing with me today, what am I, the community will also remember them. I know that 25 people have been martyred now… Direct bullets were fired. 700 people were injured, injured by bullets. Whenever it will be investigated…all will come out. 

‘I didn’t know anything, I came to know when I came out of jail’
On the incidents of violence in Pakistan after his arrest, Imran said, “I I didn’t know anything… I came to know when I came out of jail. All this was planned and kept. I want an independent commission to be formed..we will give evidence to them that how people have been planned and attacked, on the military community.

Imran said- Some people were pushed towards GHQ… There was no police towards GHQ. People are walking from Liberty… CCTVs must be installed there… Let’s know who is burning. The same report came in Peshawar that people are burning.

Imran said – all this has happened. In this conspiracy, it will be revealed that a plan was made to make Tehreek-e-Insaf stand in front of the army, and Tehreek-e-Insaf should be destroyed through the army. This is what happened in 1971. 

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