Indian Climber Died: Wanted to conquer Mount Everest with pacemaker, wanted to make world record, but got death

Difficulties had already started

Khatiwada told that he was having difficulties in normal speed and climbing in the exercises done before the climb. Because of which he was forbidden from trying to climb Mount Everest. He told that  Due to Suzanne having a pacemaker, problems were possible. 

It is being told that Suzanne refused to accept the advice. Saying that he has already paid the fees for getting permission to climb the top of Mount Everest. Dendy Sherpa, the organizer of the expedition and chairman of the Glacier Himalayan Track, told that Suzanne was able to climb to a height of 5,800 meters just above the base camp of Mount Everest. After which he was forcefully admitted to the hospital in Lukla.

was forbidden to climb

He said that we had refused Suzanne to climb five days before, but she was adamant on conquering Everest. He also told that in the exercise before climbing, it was known that Suzanne is not fit to climb the mountain. Sherpa had also written a letter to the tourism department about this.

According to the letter, Suzanne took 5 hours in the first attempt to reach Crompton Point, located only 250 meters above the base camp. At the same time, it takes only 15 to 20 minutes for the climbers to reach here. The second attempt took 6 hours and the third attempt took 12 hours.

Wanted to make a world record

She told that she wanted to make a world record of being the first Asian woman to conquer Mount Everest with a pacemaker. She also told that there was a problem in her throat and she was not able to swallow food easily. Sujanne’s family members have been informed and they will reach Kathmandu on Friday. This is the 8th death while climbing Mount Everest this year.

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