Iran Women Rights: 5 decisions of the Islamic government in Iran, which have made life difficult for women

Iran Hijab News Today: Women are fighting for their rights in Iran, a country with strict Islamic rules and regulations. There, after 8 months of the anti-Hijab movement (Iran Hijab Protest), once again women are being oppressed. Women there will now be fined up to Rs 49 lakh for not wearing hijab. Apart from this, their passport can also be confiscated.

Thousands of women imprisoned
According to the news, the Iranian government has imprisoned 17,000 people, of whom 9,000 are women. On the matter of Wahijab, yes Maulvi, fundamentalists and the government are all in one voice. Till now many such decisions have been taken there, which have made the life of women difficult. The tone of the MPs who raise the voice of the public is such that they say in the Parliament that wearing hijab is Allah’s order, people have to obey it. Those who do not believe this will be severely punished.

1. If you do not wear hijab, you will not get goods at shops
The 23-storey Opal shopping mall in the northern area of ​​Iran’s capital Tehran has been closed because women without hijab were allowed there. This decision simply means that if the hijab is not worn then women will not be able to get goods at the shops.

2. Book fairs also closed
The National Book Fair in Isfahan, Iran has been closed. It is being told that book sellers are being made to swear that they will not sell books to women without their heads covered.

3. Ban on cinema-artists too
Actress Baran Kosari had reached the funeral of one of her close friends in Iran, during that time she was without hijab. She was accused of breaking the hijab law, and was summoned.

4. Hijab in public service and metro also 
Moral police in Iran arrest women who do not wear hijab. If a woman is seen without hijab in government office and metro or railway station, she is stopped from traveling.

5. Girls must wear hijab in university
In Iranian universities, pressure has been created on girls to wear hijab, burqa. Iranian guards even enter the moving class to see whether the girls are wearing hijab or not. Let us tell you that thousands of girls in the university were also attacked with toxic chemicals. In which many girls lost their lives.

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