Japan Shooting: Three killed during firing in Japan, attacker targeted policemen

Japan Shooting: Three people were killed and one person was injured in a shooting and stabbing incident in a rural area of ​​Japan on Thursday (May 25). After carrying out the incident, the attacker hid in a building. The incident is from the Nagano region of central Japan. 

According to Japan’s official news agency, a masked man with a rifle and knife attacked four people. After which there was chaos in the area. After the attack, the attacker got the opportunity and hid in a nearby building. At present, the motive of the accused is not known. According to local media, the masked attacker followed a woman and attacked her with a knife. After which he also attacked the police who reached the spot. After firing indiscriminately, the accused hid in a house. The three victims, including the woman, were rushed to a nearby hospital, where they were declared brought dead.

Two policemen also died

Such cases are less in Japan 

This matter is surprising for Japan also because not everyone here can keep a gun. Anyone who owns a gun in Japan has to go through a rigorous process before being granted a license. In such a situation, shooting incidents are rarely seen in Japan. 

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