Joe Biden Murder Plan: US President was planning to kill Joe Biden for 6 months, Indian-origin accused confessed

Joe Biden Murder Plan: A 19-year-old Indian-origin teenager accused of ramming a truck into a barricade at the President’s office in the White House of America has told authorities that President Joe Biden Wanted to enter inside the White House to assassinate (Joe Biden) and remove him from power. This information was given in the media report.  

US Park Police arrested Sai Vashisht Kandula after his truck crashed into a security barricade on the north side of Lafayette Park, The Washington Times reported.

Prohibition imposed at the spot
The incident took place on Monday (May 22) around 10 pm. There was a considerable distance between the spot and the door of the White House, but after the incident the road and the road adjacent to it were closed. The Hey Adams Hotel near the scene was evacuated. No one was injured in the truck collision.

The plan had been in the making for 6 months
According to the news of NBC News, a Secret Service agent said in a statement in Federal District Court in Washington DC that Kandula was a resident of Chesterfield, Missouri. and had rented a truck on Monday night, shortly after arriving at Dallas International Airport from St. Louis. Court documents said Kandula told authorities he had been planning the attack for six months.

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