Joe Biden: US President Biden survived falling down the stairs at the G7 summit, see how he handled himself when he falters

Joe Biden at G7 Summit: During the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, such an incident happened with US President Joe Biden, due to which Americans are facing embarrassment. Biden appeared distraught among world leaders in Hiroshima, narrowly escaping a fall as he was descending the stairs. His steps were faltering again and again. Biden somehow handled himself.

Many videos of Biden have come on social media, seeing which many people are talking about Biden’s aging and health. It can be seen in the video how President Biden found himself in a state of confusion during the G7 summit. When he started a photo session with Japanese leader Fumio Kishida, he could neither walk nor stand properly. 

The oldest president ever got distracted
Let us tell you that Joe Biden is America’s oldest president so far. To keep himself fit, he has been careful about eating and drinking, from regular walking. However, the way he suffered in Hiroshima has increased his fitness concerns. It is also seen in a video that his wife i.e. US First Lady Jill Biden handled him, she was seen holding the President’s hand and leading him to meet his Japanese counterparts. 

Today, my fellow G7 Leaders and I paid a visit to Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park where we paid our respects.

— President Biden (@POTUS) May 19, 2023


Biden confused during photoshoot
After shaking hands with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, before shaking hands with his wife, Biden unexpectedly raised his fist like a boxer. clenched fists. All this got recorded in the camera. As the group of G7 leaders proceeded to pose for the photoshoot, it became clear that Biden was unsure where he should stand or turn.

During this, Kishida politely directed Biden towards his designated place. At the same time, after some time, Biden understood that the photographers were watching him, so he started getting photographed with a smile.

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