Lashkar-e-Taiba: Big disclosure in document, Tahawwur Rana wanted to get Pakistan’s highest military honor to 26/11 terrorists

Mumbai Terror Attack 2008: Pakistani-origin Tahawwur Rana was ‘very relaxed’ in the days following the 26/11 terrorist attacks. He wanted the Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists who carried out these attacks in Mumbai to be awarded Pakistan’s highest military honour. In fact, a US court has given green signal to the extradition of Mumbai terror attack accused Tahawwur Rana to India.

California court issues 48-page order
In a major victory for India in the fight to bring the perpetrators of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks to justice, the Central District of California Court Magistrate Jacqueline Choljian issued the 48-page order on Wednesday (May 17). It said that 62-year-old Rana should be extradited ‍under the extradition treaty between India and the US.

It was also said in this order that the court has reviewed all the documents presented in support and opposition to this request and considered all the arguments. Based on such review and consideration, the court has come to the conclusion that Rana should be extradited to India. The court authorizes the US Secretary of State to proceed with the extradition.

Rana’s involvement in the attacks and his association with his friend and Lashkar terrorist David Coleman Headley, according to documents relating to the certification of extradition status and commitment order filed in a US court, meeting Rana in Dubai on December 25, 2008 A co-conspirator sent an email to Headley.

According to this document, Rana had told Headley in a conversation on September 7, 2009, that the nine Lashkar terrorists killed in the Mumbai attacks should be given the ‘Nishan-e-Haider’ honour. It is the highest military honor of Pakistan.

Rana also asked Headley to tell one of the co-conspirators responsible for planning the Mumbai attacks that he should get a medal for the top class. The documents also suggest that Rana was pleased to learn that Headley had complimented him on his earlier statements, in which he compared the co-conspirator to a famous general.

Citing its reasoning in detail, the Court’s order states that thus the Court found that there was probable cause for Rana to commit the offenses alleged for which extradition is sought. 

Should be extradited to India under the extradition treaty between the United States and India. India lodged a complaint on June 10, 2020, seeking Rana’s provisional arrest with a view to extradition. The US President Joe Biden administration supported and approved Rana’s extradition to India.

The order also states that Headley supervised the Chabad Houses in Delhi, Goa and Pushkar as well as the National Defense College (NDC) in India. It conducts courses for high-level officers of the Indian Army, Colonel and above. Headley informed Rana about the monitoring here.

In a conversation on September 7, 2009, Headley and Rana discussed targeting the NDC. Rana told Headley that he already knew that the NDC was a target. He talked about how such an attack would kill more high-ranking Indian military officers than in the previous war between India and Pakistan. Rana also created an email account for Headley so that Headley could communicate securely with Rana.

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