Pakistan Crisis: Already poor Pakistan may face penalty of $18 billion, know why?

Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project: Pakistan, which is facing economic and political crisis, may be fined billions of dollars. This is because the gas pipeline project between two countries Iran-Pakistan does not seem to be completed on time, America (USA) has not approved it.

Pakistan’s Public Accounts Committee (Public Accounts Committee) has expressed apprehension that Pakistan will have to pay a fine of $18 billion if it does not go ahead with the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project. According to the report of ‘The Dawn’, the US is an obstacle in this project of Iran and Pakistan, so the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Noor Alam Khan has said that if the US continues to block the pipeline deal, then it should be fined.

‘US should clear the project soon’
Noor Alam said, ‘US should shun the double standard of being generous with India in meeting its energy needs, Which intends to punish Pakistan. Noor said that if the US does not allow Pakistan and Iran to go ahead with the gas pipeline project, it should pay a fine. The observation comes after the Ministry of External Affairs (MoFA) through a letter informed the Public Accounts Committee that a meeting will be held with the US Ambassador after his return from Washington.

Pak Foreign Ministry gave this statement
Pakistani Foreign Ministry said in its statement, "Given the importance of the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project in the evolving regional situation, the Ministry is exploring all possible options, including closer engagement and meaningful exchanges with relevant parties such as Iran and the US."

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