Pakistan News: Fawad Chaudhary, minister in Imran Khan’s cabinet, accused of tap theft, case registered

Pakistan News: The neighboring country Pakistan is going through a period of tremendous instability these days. Due to the problems faced by the common citizens and the political crisis spread in the country, there is an atmosphere like trahimam in Pakistan. The arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan created a riot-like situation in the country. 

In the midst of all this, former Union Minister of Pakistan and Imran Khan’s special Fawad Chaudhary has been named in the case of theft of toilet tap. This is the same Fawad Chaudhary who till some time ago Imran Khan. Hearing is to be held in 11 cases against Fawad Chaudhary in Lahore High Court. 

Case related to tap theft
Out of 11 cases against Fawad Chaudhary, one case is related to tap theft. This matter came to light when the matter of the petition filed in the Lahore High Court came out. In fact, in this petition, former minister Fawad Chaudhary had sought information about the cases registered against him. During the hearing, the Punjab Police has submitted a report on all the cases registered against Fawad.

Allegation of theft of electric wires
Muzaffar Hanif has filed a complaint against Fawad Chaudhary. This case is about the theft of pipes and taps from a school. Along with this, senior PTI leader Fawad is also accused of being involved in the theft of electrical wires from Khairpur Bhatta Government Primary School. The petition states that two cases are registered against the former Union minister at Sarwar Road and Race Course police stations in Lahore, while three cases are registered at Multan Cantonment and one at Jalalpur Peerwala, Multan.

According to the report, cases are also registered against Fawad Chaudhary in Attock, Jhelum and Faisalabad police stations. Chaudhary’s lawyer has expressed concern over the filing of baseless cases on political grounds. He said that the court should take information about all the cases in which the former Union Minister can be harassed. 

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