Qatar: Indian and Pakistani citizens were recruited to provide security in FIFA World Cup, jailed for demanding salary

Qatar News: The Pakistani and Indian citizens who were detained during the FIFA World Cup in East Asia country Qatar have not been released yet. They were working there as security guards and were detained while trying to settle a dispute over non-payment of salaries.

According to the report of the English newspaper The Guardian, an Indian national along with two Pakistanis in Qatar was sentenced to six months in jail with a fine of 10,000 riyals (₹ 2,20,000). And, even after four months of his arrest, he has not been released. A human rights group Equidem gave this information about him.

were detained during the FIFA World Cup
Indian and Pakistani nationals were reportedly hired by Stark Security Services, a local private security firm, for the football tournament However, he was sacked a few days after the match, despite having months remaining on his employment contract. After the dismissal, he was also taken into custody and was not released. Now a human rights organization is demanding his immediate release. According to the report, apart from these three people, nine other people were let go even before the end of the contract. Four of them were deported and five others were terminated, who are still there.

The company had accused the company of blocking the road
According to reports, on January 23, a group of 200 guards boarded a bus and went to Sikkim to negotiate their salaries. ;yourty went towards the company’s headquarters. Where the employees of the company allegedly called the police claiming that they were blocking the road. However, people who boarded the bus said that no one had got down from the bus except their leaders, so the question of blocking the road would not have arisen.

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