Rayyanah Barnawi: Saudi Arabia’s first female astronaut Rayyana Barnawi, know everything about her

First Arab Woman Astronaut: Rayyana Barnawi holds the record of becoming the first woman astronaut of Saudi Arabia. He made this record by participating in a mission to the International Space Station (ISS) organized by Axiom Space.  Barnavi began its mission on 21 May. 

According to the BBC report, apart from Rayyana Barnawi, three other people have flown for space. Barnawi set out on a journey to the International Space Station on Sunday (May 21, 2023) as part of the private X-2 mission. With them Ali Alkarni of Saudi Arabia and his own sports car ‘Racing’ John Schnaufer, the Tennessee businessman who started the team, is also aboard the rocket. 

Peggy Whitson is leading the mission

The team will stay at the space station for eight days 

Know who is Rayyana Barnawi

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