Rishi Sunak Property: Britain’s PM Rishi Sunak and his wife suffered a loss of 200 million pounds this year, know the reason

Britain PM Property: The property of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murthy has decreased in the last 12 months. Actually, this couple has slipped down in the list of the rich. The couple is currently at the 275th position in the list of rich people released by the Sunday Times. Which was 222nd last year. 

Experts believe that the money of Sunak and his wife has decreased because the value of their stake in Infosys, India IT has declined in the past. If we talk about Sunak’s salary as Prime Minister, then he gets an annual salary of 165,000 pounds. When Sunak became the PM in October last year, his income increased from that of a normal senator, but even after the increase in salary, Sunak’s wealth did not increase. 

Sunak’s wealth decreased 

Sunak had an estimated net worth of 730 million pounds last year, which has reached 529 million pounds this year. Recently, Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murthy had become the subject of discussion regarding their property. At the moment, opposition leaders alleged that Sunak has become out of touch with the common people at a time when many people in Britain are becoming poorer. It is known that the economic condition of Britain is also not very good. 

Economy weakened 

Significantly, inflation in Britain is more than 10%. people’s household income is decreasing and "cost of living crisis" Is being born, which is in the headlines. The opposition is targeting the government after making this an issue. On the other hand, PM Sunak has recently promised to halve inflation and develop the economy to solve this issue.

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