Russia: ‘If western countries supply fighter jets to Ukraine…’, Russia once again threatened in clear words!

Russia Ukraine War: Russia has once again indirectly threatened the western countries helping Ukraine in clear words. Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said on Saturday (May 20) that if F-16 fighter jets are supplied to Ukraine, Western countries may have to suffer. Even before this, Russia has given similar threats. 

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister said that we can see that Western countries are interfering in the war. For which they may have to take a huge risk. We are taking care of all these things while planning. Alexander said clearly that we have all the necessary means to achieve our goals. 

Biden announced 

Earlier, on Friday (May 19), US President Joe Biden announced during the G-7 summit that the US would train some Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets. According to media reports, the training of pilots of Ukraine can be done not in America, but in Europe. US personnel will travel to Europe to participate in training with allies and partners. According to media reports, the training given by the US to Ukrainian pilots may take more than a month. However, it will be launched in the coming weeks.

America to train Ukrainian pilots 

US President Joe Biden told G-7 leaders that Washington supported Ukraine’s joint collaborative training programs. US National Security Advisor (NSA) Jake Sullivan confirmed this. He said that Washington would provide Ukraine with advanced fighter aircraft, including the F-16, as well as train pilots to fly them. He further said that the promise made by America has been fulfilled. At the same time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has welcomed it. However, after this announcement by America, Russia has given a sharp reaction. 

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