Russia Ukraine War: Big mistake in the calculation of 3 billion from the US Department of Defense, the fate of Ukraine has been revealed

US funds for Ukraine Military Aid: Many western countries including America-Britain are providing military and economic help to Ukraine fighting the war with Russia in Europe. America alone has sent weapons worth billions of dollars to Ukraine. More than $3 billion was recently given to Ukraine by the US Department of Defense, which is more than the value of weapons and other military equipment provided to Ukraine. This is considered a major mistake in the calculation of the US Defense Department, although it has opened the fate of Ukraine. 

Accounting error in the US Department of Defense means that more money will now be available for military aid to Ukraine as retaliation against Russian forces. The US Defense Department overstated the value of weapons and other military equipment provided to Ukraine by nearly $3 billion, officials said, in what has been thought to be an accounting error that could lead to more weapons being sent to Ukraine. can pave the way. 

‘Value of military equipment overstated’
In several military aid packages sent to Ukraine, the Defense Department used existing US stockpiles of old, non-existent items, officials said. Chose to draw from as it had to be sent to him asap. The accounting error was the result of assigning a higher than warranted value to the old weapons, which were derived from existing stocks. Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said on Thursday, "During our routine inspection process of presidential drawdown packages, the Department discovered discrepancies in the equipment evaluation for Ukraine." They&zwj said- In some cases, ‘replacement cost’ was used instead of ‘net book value’, therefore exaggerating the value of equipment taken out of US stocks. 

< p style ="text-align: justify;">Pentagon investigating
A defense official told The Associated Press that the Pentagon is still trying to determine the total value of the surplus. News agency Reuters cited a US defense official who said the amount of high-value weapons could potentially exceed $3 billion, although the Pentagon would investigate the situation more thoroughly. At the same time, the result of a US defense accounting error could mean the Defense Department will have more money available to send to Ukraine as part of a much-anticipated offensive against Russian forces.

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