Russia- Ukraine War: Russia foils Ukraine’s drone attack, shoots down six drones in Crimea

Russia- Ukraine War: Six drones have been shot down overnight in Crimea occupied by Russia. This information was given by the governor of Crimea region. Crimean governor Sergei Aksyonov wrote on Telegram that during the night of Wednesday (May 24) six drones were shot down or blocked in different parts of Crimea.

It has been 14 months since the war between Russia and Ukraine started. During this, apart from drones, fighter jets have also attacked on many occasions between the two countries. Meanwhile, on Wednesday (May 24), the governor of the Russian region of Belgorod, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said that with the help of several drones, Russian territory was targeted throughout the night.

13 people were injured in the drone attack
Belgorod regional authorities said that 13 people were injured in the drone attack on Wednesday. Missile and mortar attacks are being carried out continuously in this area for the last several days. Because of this, there was fire all around the area. After this attack, Russia issued a statement saying that their army has killed more than 70 Ukrainian soldiers. However, the news media agency AFP is refusing to accept this claim made by Russia.

Wars intensified in recent days 
Recently, Russia attacked an arms warehouse in Ukraine and their weapons worth about $ 500 million were destroyed. Apart from this, before this attack, Ukraine also tried to intensify the war by attacking Russia’s oil depot.

During this, Russia had talked about capturing Bakhmut as well. However, Ukraine’s President Zelensky denied this and said that Russia’s claims are false. Till now, in the war between Russia and Ukraine, lakhs of soldiers have died from both the sides. In this way the war has intensified in recent times.

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