Russia Ukraine War: To become a sympathizer of Ukraine, Britain will ban the import of diamonds from Russia, G-7 countries will also impose restrictions

British Sanctions on Russia: To push back the Russian army fighting the war with Ukraine, western countries like America-Britain are giving military and economic help to Ukraine, as well as Along with this, they are also imposing a series of sanctions on Russia. Now the British government (UK Govt) has announced that it will ban the import of diamonds from Russia.

To support Ukraine, the British government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, has banned many goods including Russian diamonds. It has been decided to ban the import of According to this decision, Britain has prepared to ban the import of many metals including diamonds, copper, aluminum from Russia. Not only this, Britain has also targeted 86 people and companies related to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Military Industrial Area, in addition to people related to the energy, metals and shipping industries.

G-7 countries may announce tougher sanctions today
According to media reports, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said that Britain will Working together to deal with all kinds of restrictions. G-7 includes Britain, Japan, America, Germany, France, Canada and Italy. The leaders of all these countries have started their Group of Seven (G-7) summit in Hiroshima today i.e. on 19th May. It is being told that the G-7 countries may announce tough sanctions on Russia in the summit.

’70 Russian companies and organizations will be blacklisted’
Now an American official said that the US will announce new sanctions to comprehensively restrict access to Russia’s goods. He said that out of the G-7 this year, the United States will have some main goals. However, their main focus will be on showing shared and continued support for Ukraine. He said that the US is apparently planning to blacklist about 70 Russian companies and organisations.

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