Salman Rushdie: Salman Rushdie appeared in public after nine months of the attack, said – thank you for saving life

Salman Rushdie Appearance: British writer Salman Rushdie appeared in public on Thursday (May 18) after nearly nine months at a New York function. In fact, in August last year, Rushdie was attacked with a knife in New York, in which he lost sight of one eye. Following the incident, Rushdie was seen attending PEN America’s annual event in New York City. 

Thanks to the audience 

He said that I have a long association with Pen America. I am very happy to be back among writers. Salman Rushdie said during his address that if it were not for you people, I certainly would not be standing here today. You guys saved my life. I was on target that day, but because of you people I am alive.  I am grateful for my life. The assailant stabbed Rushdie in the neck, arms and abdomen, injuring him badly. 

This is how the attack happened 

In August last year, when Rushdie had come to attend a program, then the attacker attacked him with knives. The attack happened when he was present on the stage. Her attacker was identified as Hadi Matar, a 24-year-old Lebanese-American resident of New Jersey. The attacker had attacked him several times in 20 seconds. The entire stage was then soaked in blood. According to media reports,  the people present in the program had caught the attacker. He was later taken into custody by the police. 

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