Saudi Arabia India: Pakistan in tension due to proximity of India and Saudi Arabia, know why Crown Prince is kind to India

Saudi Arabia: India’s relations with Saudi Arabia have improved in recent times. On the other hand, relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have soured. Actually, Pakistan has not been able to get financial help from Saudi Arabia till now. Along with this, Pakistan must have been shocked to see the relations between India and Saudi Arabia.

In such a situation, the question arises that how Saudi Arabia, which has always been considered close to Pakistan, is becoming India’s special. It is known to everyone that Pakistan would never want India and Saudi Arabia to come closer. Actually, Bollywood and cricket, these are the two things due to which the relations between Saudi Arabia and India are getting stronger. Now it is reported that Saudi Arabia wants to start the world’s richest cricket league with the help of IPL owners. 

Saudi is keeping distance from Pakistan because of seeking loan 

After the start of the world’s richest cricket league, the relationship between India and Saudi can be sweeter. On the other hand, Pakistan, which is going through an economic crisis, has appealed for help several times. In such a situation, even the allies of Pakistan are keeping distance from it. Experts say that due to Bollywood and cricket, India’s hold has strengthened in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia has played a very important role in this. 

Pakistan’s well-known journalist Dr. Qamar Cheema has also agreed that Pakistan is spoiling relations with its allies because of its antics. He says that Pakistan’s friendly countries are also keeping distance due to being already in debt. 

Saudi Foreign Minister said about India 

Earlier in March, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Farhan Al Saud had also said that relations with India have become stronger now. Along with this he had said that the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is also very strong. In such a situation, he made relations with India a priority. 

Films used to be banned in Saudi 

It is noteworthy that in Saudi Arabia, after the revolution of Iran in 1979, there was a ban on films, but in the year 2018, Saudi Arabia removed the ban on films. Same is the condition of cricket. For the first time in the year 1960, there is mention of cricket in the country. Now the situation is that there are huge fans of cricket in Saudi. 

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