Terrorism: Pakistan is facing the punishment for its sins… Terrorist attack happened here again, 3 soldiers killed in retaliatory firing

Terrorism in Pakistan 2023: Pakistan, which nurtures terrorists, today itself is one of the countries most affected by terrorism. Everyday there is news of terrorist attacks somewhere or the other. It has been learned that now there has been a terrorist attack targeting Pakistani soldiers in the southwestern Balochistan province. Three of his soldiers have died in the attack. Today Pakistani army gave this information.

ISPR’s statement said that the Pakistani army will run an operation to drive out the terrorists from that area or to kill them. The army said that Pakistani troops are determined to thwart attempts to harm peace, stability and progress in Balochistan.

12 policemen were killed in the attack in Swat
Earlier there was a terrorist attack on the office of Counter Terrorism Department in Swat, Pakistan. Where 12 policemen were killed and 50 people were injured. In that incident, the terrorist blew himself up. Pakistani military officials later said that two explosions took place inside the premises of the Counter Terrorism Department, which destroyed the building. He told that due to the collapse of the building, there was also a power failure.

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