Titanic ship 3D scan: Full 3D mapping of Titanic for the first time in the world, many unsolved mysteries can be solved

World First Titanic ship 3D scan: Many big ships in the world have sunk in the sea. When it comes to the Titanic ship, the curiosity to know more increases among people. The Titanic ship sank in the Atlantic Ocean on the night of 14 April 1912. Recently a team of marine researchers completed a digital scan of the Titanic for the first time.

Marine researchers took 6 whole weeks to complete the digital scan of Titanic. During this, he also shared some special information related to the ship. Giving this information, the documentary making company said on Thursday (May 18) that a team of marine researchers carried out 3D mapping of the debris field around the ship

Researchers collected 15,000 photos
Researchers used two long-range submersibles to scan the wreckage and a 3-mile radius around it. During this, he also found some personal belongings of the passengers on the ship, such as shoes and watches. The researchers obtained 15,000 photographs as data,  10 times the amount of underwater 3D models ever made.

As claimed by Richard Parkinson, founder and CEO of Magellan, an undersea exploration firm. Anthony Geffen, head of documentary maker Atlantic Productions, says the new photos are much better in terms of quality as previous photos of the Titanic were often taken in poor light. The team doing 3D mapping told that we can get many more types of information from it.

Photorealistic 3D Model
Both the bow and stern sections are well captured in this state-of-the-art photorealistic 3D model. Everything is clearly visible, including the serial number on the propeller very clearly.

This is a completely digital copy. Anthony Geffen said that it looks like a twin of Titanic in every way. He added that although the documentary covered most aspects of the historic ship, as far as we know when it sank, how many people were on board.

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