Trending News: Snake cut off the electricity of 16 thousand houses, people got light after hours of struggle

Viral News: A snake in America forced the people of 16,000 houses to live in the dark. Actually, he cut off the lights of these houses. Thousands of houses lost power for an hour. It so happened that a snake slipped and fell into a substation. As soon as he came in contact with the equipment of the substation, there was a short circuit. As a result, the electricity in the homes of thousands of people went off. The whole matter is of Austin, America. According to the Fox News report, the incident took place at 1 pm on May 16.

The company tweeted the information 

Austin Energy gave information about this incident by tweeting. In its tweet, Austin Energy said, “Wildlife interference can cause power outages. Today a snake came in one of our substation and it came in contact with a circuit.
The power outage was restored for all customers by 2 am. Thank you for your patience.”

Update: Wildlife interference can result in power outages. Today a snake crawled into one of our substations and made contact with an electrified circuit. All customers from this outage have been restored as of 2 pm today. Thank you for your patience.

— Austin Energy (@austinenergy) May 16, 2023

Austin Energy spokesman Matt Mitchell told about the incident that one particular wildlife became a headache for many people, when it accidentally arrived at the wrong time and in the wrong place. After hard work, he was removed from there. Michelle said that the company is now alert to avoid such problems in future. The company is now in the process of installing low-voltage electric snake fencing around the substations, so that the crawling animals will not be able to enter.  

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