Watch: Electric bike caught fire during charging, owner narrowly escaped

Viral News: Incidents of sudden fire in electric vehicles have become a matter of concern. Such cases are seen every day. The latest case is of London, where the fire brigade has shared a video. In this video, an e-bike is seen burning in flames. After this, an explosion is seen in it. The owner of the bike is seen saving lives in the video. 

The whole incident happened on May 20, when an e-bike met with an accident in a flat in Roehampton. The entire incident was captured in the CCTV installed in the flat. It can be seen in the video that suddenly smoke starts rising from the e-bike engaged in charging. Before the owner of the bike could understand anything, till then the bike starts burning. Not only this, there is an explosion after the fire. Due to which the owner of the car is seen running in the room to save his life. 

Man narrowly escaped 

It can be seen in the video how this e-bike has been completely burnt to ashes within minutes. Fortunately, there was no loss of life in it. The fire was so fierce that the goods kept near the bike were also burnt to ashes. This clip is of the entrance of AV Goran Singh’s house. It can be seen how the battery of an e-bike explodes. 

Fire brigade brought the fire under control 

In the beginning of the clip, the bike owner is also seen standing near the bike but he narrowly escapes. According to the local media report, the fire brigade team reached the spot, controlled the fire. Although how the fire started, it still remains a matter of investigation. Goran Singh said that before the fire started, some strange smell was coming.  

He told the London Fire Brigade, "As soon as I reached home, I was getting a strange smell. To which I asked my sister if she was using nail polish remover but she denied it, then I thought it was coming from my bike. That’s why I went to my bike before it caught fire." The owner of the e-bike told that he panicked when the bike exploded. My sister and I ran back to the flat and called 999.

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