Watch: Pakistani journalist’s bad words, told the idols of Hindu gods and goddesses to be decorations

Viral Video: Along with economic poverty, Pakistan is also passing through a period of political crisis. The dispute between the country’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan and the army continues. In such a situation, Pakistan’s political analyst and senior journalist Hasan Nisar has said objectionable things about Hindu deities. His video is going viral on social media. 

Actually, a video has been tweeted by a Twitter handle named Pakistan Untold, in which Hasan Nisar can be heard saying that once he reached the airport to buy Hindu deities from India, a Hindu customs officer questioned him. Looked at him and he asked if you are a Muslim. To which he said, “Yes, I am a Muslim.” Showing the idols of deities, the officer asked Hasan Nisar, what is all this? Why have you got all this? The Pakistani journalist replied, “They will be gods and goddesses for you, but for me they are decorations.” 

Idols of Gods and Goddesses told to be decorations

Posting the video, it was written, “Pak’s ‘liberal’ Hasan Nisar keeps the idols of Hindu deities as ‘pieces of decoration’. Now if someone keeps a cartoon in the child’s room for entertainment, this man and the frenzied crowd will scream hysterically. Cities/countries will be burnt.” 

Pak ‘liberal’ Hassan Nisar keeps Murtis of Hindu Gods as ‘decoration pieces’. Now if someone keeps a cartoon in kid’s room for entertainment, this man and the rabid mob will cry Sar Tan se juda. Cities/countries will be

— Pakistan Untold (@pakistan_untold) May 21, 2023

Video going viral 

This video is going viral on social media. Along with Indian users, people from all over the world are reacting to this video. Along with this, journalist Hasan Nisar is being trolled fiercely. Even before this Pakistani journalist has given a controversial statement, which has created a ruckus. 

Controversial statements have been given earlier also 

It is worth mentioning that Hasan Nisar had said in the past that dictatorship is the solution to every problem of Pakistan, Hasan Nisar even said that dictatorship government should be implemented in the country for at least 15 years and those who want democracy should be shot. 

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