Watch: ‘Terror being spread in the guise of investigation’, see how Imran Khan is appealing with the help of children

Imran Khan News: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan’s difficulties are increasing. After the arrest of Imran Khan on May 9, the kind of violence that took place across the country, the blame is being put on his head. One by one, Imran Khan’s companions are also leaving him. In such a situation, the journey ahead is not looking easy for the PTI leader. However, Imran Khan is presenting different types of arguments in his clarification. Now he has taken the help of an innocent child to his rescue. 

Imran Khan has tweeted a video in which the child can be heard saying, ‘On the night of eleventh, around 20-30 people forcefully entered the house. Misbehaved with my sick brother. He treated my family very badly. The people who came to the house had weapons. Some of them were in uniform and some were in civil dress." child says, "They arrested my parents and took them away. There is no information about where they took him. These scary pictures are not coming out of my mind. Those people are also coming in my dreams." In the end, the child cries bitterly and says that someone should help me. I am very worried about my mother and father. Don’t know how those people would be treating him.

More evidence of state brutality is emerging. Under the garb of identifying arsonists, fascist tactics have been employed by these criminals in power to silence & oppress PTI workers & supporters.

Even women & children are not spared in what is evidently a planned campaign to…

— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) May 19, 2023

Atrocities being done under the guise of investigation 

Imran Khan has written in a tweet that continuous evidence of cruelty is coming to the fore. Under the guise of identifying the arsonists, the criminals in power have repressed PTI workers and supporters to silence them. Fascist strategy adopted for PTI workers and supporters. In the name of investigation, even children and women were not spared. Fear and terror were instilled in them. 

The violence happened on May 9 

Significantly, the army is very angry about the violence that took place on 9th May. Along with this, the army has made it clear that now only two options are left with Imran. Either they go to Dubai or London or face the case under the Army Act. In such a situation, the path is not easy for Imran Khan. 

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