Water Crisis: We are fast moving towards water crisis, more than half of the world’s big lakes are drying up

Lakes Are Drying Up: The world is moving towards water crisis, more than half of the lakes and reservoirs are drying up. Scientists have warned about this earlier also, but the situation does not seem to be changing. Due to climate change and increasing water consumption, a situation of crisis is arising. Due to the lack of water in the lakes and reservoirs, there is a shortage of water in many areas. Water is not available for agriculture, hydropower etc. These things have been claimed in a report. 

Reservoir drying up with climate change, a report in ‘Science’ Published in the magazine named. The lead author of this study is Fangfang Yao of the University of Virginia, USA. Yao said that lakes around the world are in trouble and this could have far-reaching consequences. Scientists claim that the Caspian Sea between Europe and Asia, Titicaca Lake in South America, the water level in all of them is decreasing rapidly. All these are losing water at the rate of 22 gigatons every year. This has been happening for the last three decades.

Two billion people could be affected 

This study of scientists can also be said to be worrying because about 25 percent of the world’s population is living in the basin of lakes, which are continuously moving towards drying up. Which means around two billion people could be affected.

According to the report, one of the reasons for the drying up of the lake and reservoir is human negligence. Even after water is important for humans, it was not maintained properly. Due to which this crisis situation can arise. 

 Water level reduced by 53 percent 

The scientists who have prepared this report regarding the water crisis include scientists from America, Saudi Arabia and France. This team has studied 1,972 largest lakes and reservoirs with the help of satellite images from 1992 to 2020. In which they have found that in these thirty years, the water of 53 percent of the lakes and reservoirs declined at an annual rate of about 22 gigatonnes.

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