Why the stampede in the party of Imran Khan, who became a hero by opening a front against the army and the government?

Imran Khan’s party in Pakistan is standing on the verge of collapse. The army has started crushing the party of Imran Khan who spoke against the Pakistan Army. Many big leaders are leaving the party one after the other. On the other hand, 7 thousand supporters of Imran Khan have been arrested so far. After the arrest of Imran Khan, his supporters attacked the Army Corps Commander Centers. After these attacks, the government of Shehbaz Sharif has agreed to impose Army Act against the protesters.

He insisted, "We can change political parties, but we cannot change Pakistan Army. I have never gone against the army and will not do so in future". 

Many allegations were also made on the party of MP Mahmood Maulvi Imran Khan while leaving. He said in the press conference, ‘Party workers were discussing before May 9, that if Imran Khan was arrested, they would march towards the General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi. I told him that we should not fight against the army. There is no reason to fight against the army. I don’t know any of those who are protesting violently. Means the MP of the party has clearly severed ties with Imran Khan and his party. 

Shirin Mazari also left Imran Khan

Former Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari also left the party on Tuesday. Shireen Mazari is considered to be the biggest blow for PTI. Please inform that Mazari was arrested on May 12. 

Mazari held a press conference at his residence in Islamabad on Tuesday evening. She condemned the attack on military installations, and announced that she would no longer be in politics. Mazari has not been arrested even once after leaving the party.

Let us tell you that Shirin Mazari was repeatedly released from the court and arrested. When he got bail after being arrested for the third time, he left with Imran Khan apologizing for the May 9 violence. 

A look at the big leaders who left Imran’s party

So far more than 12 big leaders have resigned from the party. Many MPs of Imran Khan’s party, including Aamir Mehmood Kiyani, Malik Amin Aslam, Aftab Siddiqui, Usman Tara, many, the names of party’s big Hindu leader Jai Prakash. 

Imran Why there was a stampede at Khan’s party

According to the report published in Al-Jazeera, experts believe that due to the role of Pakistan Army in domestic politics, defection from political parties is not a new phenomenon. Experts believe that such defection happens at the behest of the officers sitting at the top. In Pakistan, the military has directly ruled the country for three decades. 

According to the report published in Al Jazeera, political analyst Benazir Shah said that till now it seems that Pakistan’s army is taking any decision for the leaders. The army wants to decide which political party should contest the elections. Which party should be kept away from elections? Shah said it is not easy to predict how leaders leaving PTI will affect the party in future. 

He said, ‘ In the past, attempts have been made to break political parties like PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) and PMLN (Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz). But this plan rarely works. The leaders of this political party proved loyal to the party.

These leaders did not allow the base of the party to weaken. These leaders were ready to stay in jail for a long time, and also did not hesitate to bear court cases. On the other hand, this thing is not yet visible in the leaders of Imran’s party. 

According to the report published in Aljazeera, Asma Faiz, Associate Professor of Political Science at Lahore University of Management Science, says, ‘These defections can have an impact on the performance of PTI in the next elections. There is no doubt that Khan enjoys huge support among the people, but he needs strong candidates who can bring his vote bank with him.

What happened after Khan’s arrest

Khan appeared in the capital Islamabad court on May 9. Khan was dramatically arrested on charges of court corruption. Two days later, the Supreme Court declared his arrest illegal. Another court in Islamabad ordered his release on May 12. 

Shortly after Khan’s arrest, his alleged supporters stormed the residence of a top military commander. In the Commander’s residence  The fire was also set. 

Many other military installations were also attacked across the country. The fire was started.  Angry Khan supporters accused the powerful army of plotting to arrest Khan. 

But Khan denied that his supporters were behind the arson. Khan alleged that a conspiracy was being hatched to implicate him and his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party over the incident.

Imran Khan said, burning the old building of the army commander is a deliberate move to blame us. He said, ‘In 27 years (in his political career), have I ever asked to burn and riot? I have always spoken about peaceful protests within the law and the Constitution.

Story of Imran Khan

70-year-old Khan entered Pakistani politics in 1996 as a retired cricket captain. Apart from a cricketer, the people of Pakistan also gave him a lot of love as a politician. Imran Khan promised to campaign against corruption. Approved ambitious plans to strengthen democracy and rule of law. 

In 2018, Khan assured the public that he alone can get rid of Pakistan’s problems. He was personally popular, but his majority was small. His supporters and Imran himself have also been alleging that the powerful army has always been rigged.

Army has ruled Pakistan for decades and  Corruption has been rampant. Overall, it would be that the corruption that Imran Khan had vowed to end, he could not do, and blamed it on the Pakistan Army. 

Khan blamed the US-backed conspiracy for his removal from the post of prime minister. Although this claim was also rejected, America itself denied it. Imran Khan’s statement of US-backed conspiracy fueled anti-American sentiments in the country.  

Khan started accusing his former ally Pakistan’s army. Imran Khan worked and once again the love for Khan grew among the people of the country. These were the people who are tired of army’s interference in politics for decades. In recent months, Khan’s populist speeches against the military leadership have drawn thousands of people to the streets in his support. 

Pakistan is going through an economic crisis in the recent months.  Inflation has reached 36%. People stand in queues in ration shops to get food.  Experts believe that people are helping Khan politically due to the fear of death and starvation. The ruling coalition has removed the subsidy.  Enforced hike in the price of food, fuel and electricity. The anger of all this is in the people of Pakistan and they have come out in support of Imran.

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