World Toilet Day 2022: What is the real work of toilet seat? When should it be used before or after

World Toilet Day 2022: Using public toilet is no less than a big challenge. This is because the condition of public toilets is from bad to worse. By sitting in the toilet, a person does not empty his body but invites more diseases. Sometimes we all have to use public toilet under compulsion. Actually, public toilets are being talked about because usually we all keep our toilets clean at home and take full care of hygiene there.

With changing times, different types of toilet commodes are also coming. People think before sitting on the western toilet that they will not get infection due to this? Because many people sit on it. To avoid this, some people first clean the toilet seat thoroughly and then sit on it. So there, some people use toilet seat covers. You will easily find toilet seat covers in the market which you can carry with you wherever you go.

What is the function of toilet seat cover 

Actually, the toilet seat cover is used so that the germs, bacteria or infection present on the seat do not come in contact with the body. Due to which the risk of getting disease is reduced. Generally, many types of people use public toilets. In such a situation, the risk of infection increases. That’s why people use toilet seat covers.

When to use before or after 

 Toilet seat cover should be used before sitting on the seat. You should first put this seat on the toilet seat in a good way and then sit on it. By doing this, the bacteria present on the seat will not come in contact with your skin and you will be safe from infection. Some people also use toilet sanitizer instead of toilet seat.

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