Afghanistan Education: Girls’ schools are closed for 544 days in Afghanistan, parents request for reopening

Afghanistan Girl Education: Many parents and students in Afghanistan have urged the Taliban administration to reopen secondary schools for girls. According to the report of Khama Press of Afghanistan, girls’ schools have been closed for the last 544 days in the country.

Parents of students in Afghanistan on Saturday (18 March) expressed concern for the future of their children and urged the authorities to allow their daughters to return to school. Families said that the closure of schools had a negative impact on their children as some of them developed mental disorders. The parents asked for the reopening of the school after class VI on March 21 to start studies from the new term.

Schooling above grade six discontinued
After the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, schooling above grade six has been discontinued, which took place later last year. In December, girls and women were barred from attending university and working with non-governmental organizations.

However, the interim administration insisted that there was a ban on girls’ education. They will allow it only after making some rules. At the same time, more than one and a half year has passed, since then the school is closed. The environment in Afghanistan is still not right for girls to attend university and schools.

School doors open to boys
On September 18 last year, Afghanistan’s high schools opened their doors to boys while girls were ordered to stay at home by the Taliban .The Taliban have imposed harsh restrictions on the rights to freedom of expression, association, assembly and movement for women and girls.

The Taliban’s decision to ban girls above grade six from attending school in Afghanistan has drawn widespread criticism both nationally and internationally. In addition, the Taliban regime that captured Kabul in August last year. They have curtailed the rights and freedom of women.

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