America: YouTube removed the ban from Donald Trump’s channel after two years, know why this happened

Donald Trump Is Back on YouTube: Former US President Donald Trump’s channel has been restored by YouTube after a 2-year ban. YouTube itself, owned by Alphabet Inc., has informed about this.

YouTube said in one of its tweets, "We have taken this decision in order to give voters an equal opportunity to hear the major national candidates equally before the election. We have carefully assessed the continued risk of violence."

The channel was banned after the 2021 attack

Earlier, Meta Platforms Inc had reinstated Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts at the beginning of the year. Facebook’s parent company Meta announced the decision through a blog post saying that the public should be able to hear what their politicians are saying.

While his Twitter account was restored by Elon Musk in November itself.  The video streaming platform banned Trump in 2021.  Then Joe Biden won the presidential election and Trump’s supporters stormed the US Parliament complex i.e. Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021.

Trump is pushing for the presidency

Donald Trump, once again claiming the post of President, is in headlines these days, before that he has given a big statement regarding the Russia-Ukraine war. He made a statement that he would get a deal done to end the Russia-Ukraine war in a day. For this they would have annexed some parts of Ukraine to Russia and there would have been no war.

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