China-Taiwan Conflict: China may suddenly attack, Taiwan is ready for counter-attack

China-Taiwan Conflict: On one side the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues. Meanwhile, the atmosphere between Taiwan and China seems to be heating up. Both countries are threatening each other. While China is adopting an aggressive stance, Taiwan is warning of retaliation. In such a tense environment, Taiwan’s Defense Minister has made a very important statement. 

Actually, Taiwan’s Defense Minister Chiu Kuo Cheng said that the Chinese army ‘sudden intrusion’ Can do, due to which we need to be more alert. Significantly, tension has increased in the Taiwan Strait. In such a situation, this statement by the Taiwanese Defense Minister becomes very important. Let us tell you that Taiwan is currently buying weapons on a large scale with America, due to which China is badly infuriated. 

During his speech in the parliament, the Taiwanese Defense Minister said that the Chinese army can find an excuse to enter Taiwan’s territorial air and sea space. We need to be on alert mode. Along with this, he warned China that we will retaliate on any kind of infiltration attempt.

China may enter Taiwan 

Taiwanese Defense Minister believes that Chinese troops can suddenly enter Taiwan and reach its territory. He further said that if I am making this statement this year, it means that those people are preparing for infiltration. On the statement of Taiwan’s Defense Minister, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said that we will take resolute measures to protect our sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Taiwan will retaliate 

Let us tell you that Taiwan has said many times before that it will exercise its right of self-defense and will retaliate if Chinese forces enter its territory. Significantly, in August last year, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the lower house in the US Parliament, Nancy Pelosi had visited Taiwan. After his visit, tensions between Taiwan and China increased. 

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