Highest Rape Rates: From America to South Africa, so many women are raped every minute in the world

Highest Rate of Rape: Before International Women’s Day, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that women all over the world are not getting their rights. They are being deprived of their rights. He further said that if it continues like this, it will take about 300 years for women to get equal rights as men.

Referring to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, he said that women have been barred from going to university, they are not even getting the right to education.  She further said that the rights of women are being misused all over the world. They are being threatened. The law is being violated. The UN chief further said that sexual and reproductive rights of women are being taken away in many countries. 

Danger continues for school going girls 

Antonio Guterres further said that there is a danger of kidnapping and assault on school going girls in many places. The police are hunting down the vulnerable women who should be protecting them. In such a situation, it will take about three centuries for women to get their rights.

In such a situation, we tell you some figures of the developed countries of the world, so that you will be able to get an idea about the current status of women. Actually, the incident of rape with women is seen all over the world. In such cases, most of the victimized women remain silent. Not only this is the condition of India, but this is also the condition of America, which is said to be the most developed in the world.  

Let us tell you that very few reports of rape are registered in many countries of the world. In such a situation, according to an estimate, about 35% of women around the world have faced sexual harassment in their life. Less than 40% of these women ask for help. Of these, less than 10% take the help of law. As a result, most rapists escape punishment. According to the report, only 9% of rapists in America are prosecuted, and only 3% of rapists go to jail. 97% rapists roam free. 

Most rape incidents happen in this country

The State of America 

In this case, the condition of the world’s most prosperous country America is also not better. On an average, a rape incident takes place here in 1-2 minutes. Women aged 16-19 in the US are four times more likely to be victims of rape or sexual assault than other women. According to a report, 33% of rape victims in this country think of suicide. 70% of rapes in the United States are committed by an acquaintance. 

In terms of rape, these are the top 10 countries

Botswana – 92.93%
Lesotho – 82.68%
South Africa – 72.10%
Bermuda – 67.29%
Sweden – 63.54%
Suriname – 45.21%
Costa Rica – 36.70%
Nicaragua – 31.60%
Grenada – 30.63%
Saint Kitts and Nevis – 28.62%

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