Nirbhaya-like incident in PoK’s army camp, girl’s burnt dead body found, incident will give goosebumps

Gang Rape in Pakistan Army Camp: A Nirbhaya-like incident took place in the army camp at Sudhan Gali in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. A burnt dead body of a girl has been found inside the camp. The girl was taken away by the soldiers of the Pakistan Army, the next day her burnt body was found. 

Pakistani army is suspected of burning the girl after gang rape. The atmosphere has heated up in PoK. Protest is being prepared in PoK.

Life became hell
According to media reports, the Pakistan Army has made life hell for the people in its occupied Kashmir. To say that Pakistan calls it Azad Kashmir but this whole area has turned into an open jail. No one can do anything here without the consent of the Pakistan Army. Pakistan Army can pick up anyone here anytime without any warrant. Kidnapping of girls is also common here.

According to the report, the girl living in Sudhan Gali area was taken away by the soldiers of Pakistan Army. But the next day badly burnt dead body of the girl was found. Tension has spread in the area on the suspicion of murder after the gangrape of the girl. Preparations are on for a big protest against the incident.

Trying to erase the identity of the citizens of PoK
Recently Pakistan has started the work of erasing the identity of the citizens of PoK. The Government of Pakistan is conducting a census in PoK, in which everyone is being forced to write their identity as Pakistani. Ahmed Ayub Mirza, an activist of PoK has disclosed this. Mirza told that the people of PoK will never accept this act of Pakistan and preparations are being made to protest against it.

Mirza said, Pakistan is in the process of erasing our name and mark. They want to make us Pakistani. We are not Pakistani. It will be retaliated by massive protests in Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

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