North Korea To US: North Korea warns US about missile test, said- we will fire more missiles

North Korea Warn US:  North Korea  warned America on Tuesday (March 7). North Korea issued a statement saying that any move to shoot down its test missile would be considered a declaration of war. The country also blamed ongoing joint military exercises between the US and South Korea.

North Korea’s media KCNA reported that Kim Yo Jong, sister of leader Kim Jong Un, warned in a statement that Pyongyang would regard it as a declaration of war if the US took military action against the North’s strategic weapons tests. Will see.

Can fire missiles
Kim Yo Jong also indicated that North Korea could fire more missiles in the Pacific Ocean.  The US and its allies have never shot down North Korean ballistic missiles, which are banned by the United Nations Security Council. At the same time, North Korea has indicated that it will fire more missiles over Japan. Kim Yo Jong said that the Pacific Ocean does not belong to the dominance of America or Japan. Analysts on the issue believe that  If North Korea follows through on its threat to turn the Pacific Ocean into a firing range, it would allow the nuclear-armed country to make technological advances in addition to signaling its military resolve.< /p>

America deployed B-52 bombers
While the head of foreign news in North Korea’s foreign ministry gave a statement. He accused the US of increasing tensions in the situation by conducting joint aerial exercises with B-52 bombers on Monday (March 6) and planning US-South Korea drills. The United States deployed B-52 bombers for a joint exercise with South Korean fighter jets, in what South Korea’s defense ministry said was a show of strength against North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats. The US and South Korea will  examine Freedom Shield military exercise over 10 days beginning next week.

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