Pakistan on the verge of civil war! Imran Khan will be presented before the court under tight security in the Toshakhana case

Imran Khan Arrested: Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan, who lost power after criticizing the army last year, is not taking the name of abating. Today i.e. on Saturday (March 18), he is going to appear in a lower court in Islamabad in the Toshakhana case. Security agencies are on alert regarding his appearance and 4000 police personnel have been deployed to deal with any eventuality. 

To deal with Imran Khan’s supporters during his appearance in the area, need Section 144 has been imposed in the area to control them. Along with this, heavy security arrangements have been made by placing containers on both sides of the road. 

Imran Khan will be able to enter the court with only 6 leaders
court Inside, Imran has been allowed to take only 6 party leaders with him. The lawyers of both the parties and Imran Khan. The police are already in a mood to stop the crowd of Imran and his supporters and the accompanying vehicles at a considerable distance. 




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