Russia Ukraine War: Putin’s nuclear threat is not just verbal, can really attack – Russian leader claimed

Vladimir Putin Nuclear Threat: America and other western countries are supporting Ukraine in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War for months. Weapons, medicines and logistics have been provided to Ukraine on a large scale. Russia has been isolated in the region on this, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that if Western countries adopt an aggressive policy against Russia, a nuclear war could break out.

Vladimir Putin has already expressed many times that Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons during the ongoing war in Ukraine. On this, recently American agencies said that Putin is threatening nuclear attack. However, before that, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov had said during his visit to India that he would not launch a nuclear attack on Ukraine. 

‘What Putin said are not just words’
Contrary to the Russian Foreign Minister’s statement, now a Russian opposition politician has said that Vladimir Putin’s threat of nuclear attack "is real and it is not just his words. According to media reports, Russian opposition politician Grigory Yavlinsky, a long-time critic of the Russian presidential regime, has said that Putin can only launch a nuclear attack. 

Grigory Yavlinsky insisted that Russia could use its nuclear capabilities against Ukraine if it tried to reclaim Crimea from Russia. 

According to Newsweek, Grigory Yavlinsky said, "I think (Putin’s) nuclear threat is a real threat. This kind of statement is really serious, it is not (just) words but it can turn into reality, which you have to keep in mind in the current situation."

Vladimir Putin has claimed several times in the past that Russia is prepared to use nuclear weapons amid the Ukraine invasion because Moscow has to deal with the weapons held by US-led NATO countries, which they are using against Russia. ;Thinking of taking Temal. 

‘NATO countries gave weapons to Ukraine to defeat us’
Vladimir Putin said in one of his statements, "In today’s conditions, when all major NATO countries have declared their main goal to defeat us strategically, to make our people suffer… How can we not take into account their nuclear capabilities? In addition, they are also supplying weapons worth billions of dollars to Ukraine."

The aim of Western countries was to isolate Russia 
The Russian President said that the West "main motive" "dissolution of the former soviet union" And has been on isolating Russia. He said that "soviet union a historical russia" was, for whose disintegration the western countries were‍responsible. 

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