Russia Ukraine War: Russia stands alone due to US-EU’s support to Ukraine! Chinese President Xi Jinping will go to Moscow to boost Putin’s courage

China Russia Relations: Chinese President Xi Jinping is planning to visit Russia to meet his counterpart Vladimir Putin. This visit of Xi Jinping will happen soon. Both Jinping and Putin can be seen holding each other’s hand only next week.

Actually, in the last one-two weeks of the Russia-Ukraine war, the European Union, including the US, made fierce allegations against Russia and took decisions related to sanctions. To support Ukraine, US President Joe Biden himself had reached Kiev on an unannounced visit, where he announced a financial aid of $500 million to Ukraine. Also promised to supply arms and logistics. Due to the weapons received from western countries, Russia’s advantage started to fall. 

Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia will boost Putin’s confidence
Media reports started claiming that Russia has suffered an undeclared defeat in the last one or two weeks as Russia attacked Ukraine. Took him lightly by attacking, while the ongoing fight between the two has been over a year. In Ukraine, lines of worry were seen on Putin’s face for not ‘achieving’ as per the expectations. Therefore, American war experts started saying that Putin is afraid of complete defeat.

China is trying to ‘mediate and reconcile’
Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia is now being considered an important event in removing this ‘fear’ of Russia. The report of the news agency Reuters has said that Xi Jinping will visit Russia next week. Chinese officials are presenting Xi Jinping’s visit as China’s mediation to establish peace in Russia-Ukraine. This is an effort that was seen in the West as China’s diplomatic support for Russia, but now they will see it as ‘China’s mediation’.

Russia’s Tass news agency reported on January 30 that Putin had invited Xi Jinping to visit in the spring. The Wall Street Journal reported last month that Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow could take place in April or early May.

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