US Man Stab: Trying to open the emergency gate in the plane, attacked the attendant with a spoon on the neck

US  Man stab Flight Attendant: A 33-year-old man from Leominster, Massachusetts, USA, misbehaved in flight. He allegedly tried to open an emergency window on a United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Boston and tried to stab a flight attendant in the neck.

The US Justice Department said that passenger Francisco Severo Torres has been charged with interference. An attempt was made to interfere with the flight’s pilot team members and crew by using dangerous weapons on them. Torres was arrested at Boston Logan International Airport on Sunday evening (March 5) and remanded in custody for a March 9 hearing after a court appearance 

Was on a United Airlines flight
According to charging documents, Torres was on a United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Boston. About 45 minutes before the landing of the plane, the pilot of the flight received information in the cockpit that an attempt has been made to open the emergency door located in the first class middle of the plane. Upon checking the door, the flight attendant found that the door’s locking handle was fully unlocked.

An attempt has been made to open the emergency slide arming lever. The flight attendant informed the Captain and the flight crew after securing the doors and emergency slides. After this, the fellow flight attendant told that he had seen Torres near the door. Torres had tampered with the door.  

The flight attendant was stabbed three times on the neck
According to court documents, the flight attendant informed the captain that  Torres posed a threat to the plane. Torres said something to one of them, but he could not hear. Torres then allegedly lunged toward one of the flight attendants with a broken spoon and struck the flight attendant three times in the neck. At the same time, the passenger present in the plane handled Torres and stopped him with the help of the flight crew.  Torres was taken into custody shortly after the flight landed in Boston. 

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