US Old Woman: America’s woman remained missing for 30 years, people thought dead, now found alive

US Old Woman Missing: A woman named Patricia Koptal went missing in America 30 years ago, after which the woman was declared dead. Now that woman has been found in a nursing home in Puerto Rico. The woman has turned 82 years old. He was last seen in  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1992. 

According to the Guardian’s report, the police failed to find the woman after she went missing, after which they declared the woman dead. After this the woman was found wandering the streets of northern Puerto Rico in 1999. He was treated, after which he was placed in a nursing home on the Caribbean island.

The woman was identified by a social worker

The woman was identified by a social worker. Patricia Coptal used to preach on the streets in her hometown. Patricia initially kept her past hidden while living in Puerto Rico. However, as she was suffering from dementia, she started telling people about her life. Meanwhile, nursing home staff contacted Pennsylvania officials.

After this the Ross Township Police confirmed the identity of the DNA sample. Before leaving Pennsylvania, doctors said that Patricia Coptal was showing some symptoms of schizophrenia. He was admitted to the hospital for some time after the doctors treated him for the disease.

Married 20 years ago

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